Since when have you been working as wedding photographer?

Since 2005.

What’s your favourite moment during a wedding?

The preparations, the first look, the moment before saying yes. But my favourite moment is right after tying the knot. When the couple takes a seat, looks up and realizes that it’s now married. This is a unique moment full of emotions.

Who are your role-models regarding photography?

Robert Mapplethorpe and Peter Lindbergh. 

To which places did the most exotic wedding shootings take you?

To Southafrica, Iceland and to Isola del Garda in Italy (this location conveyes a tranquil yet exotic setting).

Do you prefer working in a team or on your own?

I like both, even though I often work alone.

How many weddings do you attend as a photographer per year?

Between 20 and 25.

Which camera are you using?

My Canon 5d mark 3.

Apple or PC?


Coloured or black and white?

I love black and white photography, but sometimes coloured images are stronger.

Sushi or Pizza?

Both, bot not together.

How would you start a portrait shooting with a bridal couple?

First of all I want them to draw a deep breath and relax. Those are the few rare moments of the day during which they are not surrounded by their guests and can enjoy a few minutes together. I start slowly and thus give them the time they need together.

Aren’t you feeling bored after so many weddings?

Not at all. Quite the contrary. No wedding is identical. The people, bridal couple, location, suppliers, decoration all vary every time. I never lose my passion for weddings. Apart from a white dress, the ceremony and the champagne, all weddings are different. 

What is your biggest strength on a wedding day?

I like being surrounded by people and like the positive energy that is present during this day.  I am very prone to this energy as it makes me see every wedding as a very unique and special event. I think that this is a big strength as I am doing my utmost to achieve the best result and make people happy. 

What is your biggest weakness on a wedding day?

I am quite emotional, so sometimes I am caught off guard behind the camera.