Xanderhof Studios

The Xanderhof Studios are located in a picturesque setting and a quiet little spot between Augsburg and Lake Ammer where they attract international and local customers alike. 

The lavishly and fancily furnished studios feature – amongst other things – an old swimmingpool and a versatile and spacious garden offering you perfect settings for individual shootings. We can also access further outstanding locations nearby with some of them at our exclusive and individual disposal. 

We strongly believe in communication at eye level and clients feeling well and at ease. Our studios exactly cater to this:

  • A fancy pool studio with nearly unlimited possibilities, outstanding perspectives and separate patio
  • A studio offering a pleasant loft-ambiance for promotional and artistic photography and also picture editing
  • A 1.000 sqm garden with pavilions, picturesque stone stairs and manyfold background settings bringing to you a romantic flair for breathtaking outdoor shootings
  • A hair- and make-up room featuring a bar and changing room
  • A stylish showroom featuring our high-end albums and fancy image-presentations